Spring Wedding Menu

Italian-American Wedding Feast
The Metropolitan Building, Long Island City

Our spring menus start with lots of asparagus, garden peas, morels and other wild mushrooms, locally caught fish, spring lamb and grass-fed veal. In honor of spring, we bring lots of those first greens to the table, because after the winter months of root vegetables and limited fruits, those delicate salad greens taste incredible.

A classic American spring hors d’oeuvre—deviled organic eggs topped with American caviar or pink sea salt. Eggs are a symbol of birth and renewal, and we use them a lot in spring cooking. Grilled asparagus with shaved Toussaint (a cheese from a former nunnery in Poughkeepsie, yes, Poughkeepsie!) and a poached egg on toasted country bread—a delicious first course. Working with local, seasonal foods may seem limiting to some, but for us it’s an inspiring challenge.


Crispy Potato Pancake
   American caviar | cr ème fraîche
Asparagus and Parmigiano Tartlette
   pea-shoot garnish
Grilled Garlic Shrimp
   Anson Mills polenta pancake
Day-Boat Fish and Chips
   served in a tiny flower pot
Tuscan-Style Grilled Quail Legs
   rustic balsamic glaze
Chicken Saltimbocca
   stuffed with sage
Country Ham and Fontina Cheese Toast


Selection of Artisanal Cheeses
   aged Parmigiano-Reggiano | Fontina Val d’Aosta | Taleggio |Gorgonzola Dolce |Casa di Mozzarella (from Arthur Avenue)
Salumeria Spread
   handmade salami | prosciutto di Parma | hot and sweet soppressata (Faicco’s Pork Store)
Grilled Market Vegetable Antipasto
   eggplant | roasted red and yellow peppers | zucchini | carrots | artichoke hearts |lemon-garlic aioli | roasted red-pepper dip | marinated olives | caper berries
Calabrese Caponata
   slow-cooked vegetables| golden raisins | tomato ragù
   crackers | pizza bianca | ciabatta (from Sullivan Street)


Borgati’s Three-Cheese Ravioli
   slow-roasted San Marzano tomato sauce | basil chiffonade


Grilled Rib-eye Steak
   salsa verde | rosemary roasted new potatoes | asparagus vinaigrette
Organic French-Cut Chicken Breast
   spinach-and-pine-nut stuffing | saffron beurre blanc | Anson Mills polenta | grilled asparagus


Doughnut Plant Donuts
   4-tiered tower
Kobrick’s Fair-Trade Coffee and SerendipiTeas
   organic milks | sugars | stevia natural sweetener
Three-Tiered Wedding Cake
   cannoli and pistachio filling

Bartleby & Sage